Make These Decisions When You Order A Groundbreaking Plaque

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There are all sorts of different plaques that you may wish to order for your business. While many of these plaques will recognize the contribution of one or more employees, there are others that you can use to celebrate certain moments in the organization's history. One good example is a groundbreaking plaque, which you can find at virtually every custom plaque company. This is a plaque that you may wish to order to unveil after a groundbreaking ceremony — for example, when the construction of a new office or warehouse begins. Here are some decisions you can make when you order a groundbreaking plaque.


Groundbreaking plaques almost always feature a shovel, as this is the tool that business executives will use to symbolically dig into the ground to mark the start of a construction project. While you can get a plaque that has a shovel image etched into it, another option is a plaque that actually features a small, metal shovel. The shovel will be mounted to the front of the plaque. Not only will it offer a three-dimensional look, but it will also have an appearance that makes it stand out from other plaques that you might have on display. You can typically decide on what size of shovel you want and its color.


It's important to have some details engraved on your groundbreaking plaque. Typically, you'll want the date of the groundbreaking and a few words that identify the type of project you're celebrating. In some cases, it may also be appropriate to list the names of the executives and community members who are participating in the groundbreaking ceremony. Think about how you want the engraving to appear. While you can have this information appear below the shovel, it can also be stylish to have a small detail engraved on the blade of the shovel itself. For example, the date can work well on the shovel blade.


Another option is to have an image of the groundbreaking ceremony appear on the plaque. If you want the plaque ready to unveil at the ceremony, having this type of image on it obviously won't be possible. However, if you're content to have the plaque available some number of days or weeks after the ceremony, you may wish to provide the custom plaque company with an image of the ceremony to include on the plaque. An image of several people holding a ceremonial shovel can pair well with the shovel replica on the plaque and give it more of a personal look.

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