Three Wireless Promotional Products To Hand Out

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In today's world of cutting-edge technological advancements, it's always a good idea to keep up with the latest tech trends. This can especially be true if you're deciding what type of promotional products you want to distribute to your clients. Many of today's products are wireless, which means that customizing wired products to hand out may make you seem a little out of touch. There are lots of promotional product companies that have large selections of wireless devices, each of which can feature your brand's logo, name, and website. Here are three wireless promotional products that you can hand out.


More and more people are setting aside their traditional wired earbuds and picking up pairs of wireless buds. The latter product's advantages are many — perhaps most importantly, you don't have to constantly untangle the cord. People will be excited to receive wireless earbuds as a gift from you and will think of you each time they use them. Typically, your promotional product company will print your branding information on the plastic holder that holds the earbuds, not on the earbuds themselves. Each time someone wants to listen to music, they'll pull out the holder and see your logo and name.


Another wireless product that you can customize and hand out to your clients is a wireless mouse. This is another device that has largely replaced its wired predecessor, offering a convenient tool for people who use laptops and desktop computers. A mouse has a decent-sized amount of surface space on which your organization's branding information can appear. When someone uses their mouse at their workstation, they'll have a constant reminder of your brand. It's often possible to choose the colors you want the mouse to be, so you can select a color scheme that ties into your company.


A wireless speaker can be another good item to hand out to your clients. These speakers are available in many shapes and sizes, and a lot of people enjoy keeping them in their laptop bags or purse so that they can use them in different environments. A frequent business traveler, for example, will often enjoy using a portable speaker in their hotel room to enjoy music, listen to a podcast, or even listen to content for an upcoming meeting. Depending on the design of the wireless speaker you choose, your branding details can appear on its side, top, or even its front. 

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