Are You Decorating Your First Home? 4 Benefits Of Choosing Solid Iron Curtain Rods For The Window Treatments

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Buying your first home comes with many new experiences. After renting a house or living with other people for years, you may be facing your first time planning for window treatments. Before you start picking out your curtains, you'll want to think about what type of curtain rods you want to use. You'll find curtain rods in a variety of different materials, and knowing about these benefits of choosing ones made from solid wrought iron helps you make the best decision for your home.

Support Any Type of Curtain Fabric

The majority of curtain rod materials can support lightweight fabrics such as cotton and chiffon. However, wood or plastic rods might not provide enough support to prevent breakage if you plan to hang heavier curtains. Thick, room darkening curtains or those that are made from fabrics such as velvet or chenille will require the support of solid wrought iron curtain rods. You may also need to use strong curtain rods if your curtains are made from layers of material.

Replace the Rods Less Frequently

Solid iron is susceptible to rusting, but today's curtain rods are typically treated and coated to prevent this one potential issue. Otherwise, solid iron curtain rods are more durable compared to other types. They are resistant to warping in humid environments, and you'll find that they can last for years without having to be replaced.

Create Visual Contrast Within the Room

Wrought iron rods are typically a dark black color, but you can also find them in an array of shades. Some wrought iron rods are made with a topcoat that allows you to pick from colors such as bronze, gold, and silver. No matter which color you choose, you'll find that these sold rods stand out in any room. Pairing a dark rod with lighter colored curtains can make both stand out. Wrought iron can also be perfect for matching other decorative pieces in the room.

Choose From a Variety of Designs

On the ends of curtain rods, you'll often notice finials. These decorative end caps add to the visual effect of the rods. Wrought iron is the perfect medium for artists and manufacturers to create unique designs on the end. Whether you prefer curves, knobs, or blocks, you'll have your choice of classic finial designs. You can even find these rods with butterflies, birds, pinecones, and other interesting elements on the ends. Turning your rods into a work of art demonstrates your eye for home design.

Talk to a supplier to find solid wrought iron curtain rods for your home.