3 Ways To Make Back To School Shopping Charitable

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For many parents, back-to-school shopping is an annual tradition that includes a lot of items and supply lists. Along with getting items needed for school, you can add some charity to the mix. Your children will see the extra effort put in to help charitable causes, and the process could become a whole new back-to-school tradition.

As you plan out your shopping needs for books, backpacks, and other supplies, check out three ways to add a little charity to the mix and make a difference for important causes.

1. Shop To Provide Cancer Support

When you shop online, do not just blindly choose any website you can find. You could look into websites with whole stores dedicated to providing cancer support through purchases. The product you need will remain exactly the same, but some of the purchase money will go directly to cancer support.

You could choose general cancer foundations or specific diseases. For example, you could shop to provide prostate cancer support and know your donation is going to those in need that have suffered through a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Along with school supplies, you could expand your shopping to snacks or home electronics like printers. When you shop at specific stores, you may also have the option to add a donation to the final purchase.

2. Double-Up On Products

Many classrooms lack the proper supplies needed to support children throughout the school year. As you shop, consider an order of multiple products to split between your child and classroom. The extra supplies will help throughout a whole school year and could make a big difference for teachers who seek out extra supplies.

If you shop for double products on a cancer support website, then you will also double-up on your charitable causes. Your child will see the extra effort you put in as well, and you will set a great example for them in the future.

3. Awareness Products

Money isn't the only way to support cancer charities. You also have the option to showcase awareness through products. Many awareness products are ideal for back to school. For example, you could purchase a pack of prostate cancer awareness pens.

Awareness stickers can be on folders and pins could attach to the backpacks of older children. Little steps make a big difference and may encourage others to make donations or find ways to support cancer on their own.

Take a little extra time to shop around and you can make a big difference with all of your back-to-school purchases.