Tips For Buying And Using A Quality Reusable Shopping Bag

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If you want to start walking to the grocery store to get exercise and be more environmentally friendly, you may be looking for the ideal way to get your food home. Your choices are a rolling cart, which might be necessary for times when you buy a lot of canned or jarred goods, and a bag.

A bag is much more convenient than a cart as long as you don't have a heavy load since a cart is often difficult to get up curbs and stairs. A reusable bag could be the best choice. For instance, many reusable bags come in different sizes and are much sturdier than plastic store bags. Here are some tips for choosing and using a reusable grocery bag.

Look For Quality Construction

You don't want a low-quality grocery bag because you don't want your food to spill on the sidewalk when a strap breaks or a seam rips open. The material should be strong and durable with tight seams.

Plastic bags and reusable bags you buy from a grocery store aren't always meant for tough use. They might get your food home if you're loading the bags in your car, but they're not meant for long-term carrying, especially when heavy foods are involved. You could get a lot of use from a well-constructed reusable bag and find other uses for it besides carrying groceries.

Examine The Straps

The straps can be the weak point of a bag, so take a close look at straps when you're buying a reusable shopping bag. Ideally, the straps are made so you can slip one or both over your shoulder or grasp them in your hand too.

If you're carrying a heavy bag, it helps to change positions as you're walking. Unless you're tall, the bottom of the bag might scrape the sidewalk when you carry the bag in your hand. Being able to place the strap over your shoulder could be an important feature of any bag you buy.

If you've ever carried a plastic bag on your shoulder, you know how it can cut into your skin, so choosing a wide strap made of a soft material would be ideal. Also, straps that join with seams are at risk of breaking. To reduce this risk, look for a bag with straps cut from the same piece of cloth as the bag. These straps are part of the bag rather than being sewn on.

Consider The Size

Size is another important thing to think about. Smaller bags might be easier to handle, but if you buy small ones, you may want to buy a few bags so you can carry one on each shoulder if necessary. You may buy more at the store than you planned, and you need a way to get everything home, so you might want a large bag too.

Large bags are useful even if you don't fill them very full since they can cover and protect something like a long loaf of bread. Plus, large bags can even be used for a liner during times you need to use a cart to go to the store. Carts have their place, but due to the way they're made, you may still need some sort of shopping bags to keep small cans and packages from falling through the grid openings.

Don't Forget Style

You might want a solid-colored reusable bag, but you can also find bags in a variety of patterns. You could use one for carrying things to work or when traveling on a plane. Plus, if you buy a bag with a unique design or color, you can spot it instantly if you get separated from it.

Keep these ideas in mind when looking at products like Baggu reusable bags.