Tie Designs That Every Man Should Have

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When you reach an age or stage of life at which you'll be wearing ties on a regular basis, it's a good idea to spend some time building up an assortment of ties. You might have a couple of ties that you wear now, but the last thing that you want is to always reach for the same ones whenever you get dressed up. Instead, a selection of ties in your dresser or bedroom closet will allow you to wear the right tie for each occasion. Visit a men's retailer that carries a wide selection of handmade ties, and then consider buying the following designs.


You can't go wrong with some striped ties, as they provide a look that rarely goes out of style. In most cases, striped ties have diagonal stripes, and you'll find virtually every color and stripe style that you can imagine. For an understated look, consider something such as a navy blue tie with some thin white or gray lines. If you favor a design that is brighter, an orange or red tie with white and blue stripes can be an option. You may have fun shopping for a striped tie that has a color combination that is significant to you — for example, colors that are similar to your college's colors.


While a plain tie might not be the most exciting design, every man should have at least a couple of these ties available. Many people favor plain ties in muted colors for solemn occasions. If you're attending a funeral or a memorial service, for example, you can't go wrong with a black, navy blue, or gray tie. Not all plain ties are muted, however. You have a wide range of choices in bright colors, which can be a good choice for attending everything from weddings to work events.


Plaid ties are also a good choice, and you'll have no shortage of options when you shop at a retailer that has a wide selection of ties. You can buy plaid ties in colors that suit every time of the year. For example, you might look for a plaid design that includes orange, brown, and white to wear during the autumn months, while a plaid design with red, green, and white can be a fun choice around the winter holidays. Some plaid designs are understated, using combinations of grays, which can make for a suitable option for funerals and other solemn events.

Look for handmade patterned ties to see what options are available.