Three Ways To Layer Area Rugs

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When you think about adding an area rug to your home, you might simply imagine buying a rug in a suitable size, shape, and color, and placing it in the center of the room. This is certainly a common way to use this floor covering, and it's an approach that can work well — both visually and functionally. Another idea to consider is to buy multiple area rugs and layer them. Doing so requires a little more work because you want to find rugs that not only match the space but also complement one another. The work can pay off with a look that adds to the room. Here are three ways that you can layer your area rugs.

Same Shape

A common option for people who want to layer a pair of rugs is to choose two that are the same shape but different sizes. For example, if you favor a rectangular rug shape for your living room, you might choose one that will go directly on the floor. Then, you'll add a second, smaller area rug onto top of the first rug. When choosing area rugs for this type of usage, look for a simple design for the larger one because the majority of surface will be hidden under the smaller rug. You can then choose a smaller rug with a design that catches your eye.

Different Shapes

While it's conventional to layer a pair of rugs that are the same shape, this isn't the only way that you can approach placing one rug over the other. A good way to add a considerable amount of visual interest to your room is to choose two different shapes of area rugs. One popular choice is to have a large rectangular rug on the floor with a natural or faux animal hide rug on top. If you don't like the animal hide look, consider a circular or oval rug on top of a rectangular one.

Multiple Small Rugs

For a completely different look — but one that still centers on the idea of layering area rugs — you might wish to consider buying a series of small area rugs and placing them around the room in somewhat of a haphazard manner. This probably isn't a look that you'll want in a formal space such as your living room or dining room, but if you have a rustic hangout spot in your home, this can be a perfect way to add a cozy vibe. Try to buy area rugs that have similar elements, such as one color that is present in each of their designs. This will help to link them together visually. You can buy all sorts of floor coverings to suit your style at your local home furnishings retailer. Contact a company like Carpet Discount Warehouse for more ideas.