Ditch The Internet Marketplace: The Shopping Mall Is Back

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With periodic headlines about the death of the shopping mall, many people wonder how their local shopping mall has survived for so long. While many shopping malls lost anchor stores and business in general throughout the 2010s, some shopping malls have only gotten more popular over time. These malls typically restructured their store offerings and changed up their image. If you typically buy most of your clothes and household items online, you probably miss the fun of going to the shopping mall every Friday night. It could be time to see what your local shopping mall has to offer in 2020. Here are just a few of the ways shopping malls are coming back and meeting their customers' needs better than internet marketplaces.

A Center For Community

With a global pandemic separating everyone more than ever, the shopping mall could be the solution to finding community again in a post-pandemic world. Some malls have repurposed large spaces to facilitate gatherings for concerts and other events, and others now include mall museums, movie theaters, and other venues that just exist to bring people together and celebrate humanity. With these venues located so close to popular retail and grocery stores, a simple shopping trip can turn into a fun day out with family and friends. Start with a museum trip, then have lunch before getting all of your shopping done in one convenient location.

Know What You're Buying

Although the internet has certainly made shopping convenient, internet marketplaces have some significant drawbacks. You never really know exactly what you are buying. Without seeing or touching an item in person, you can't be sure of its size, texture, or quality. This problem is especially troubling when it comes to buying clothing. How an item of clothing looks on a model doesn't tell you much about how it will look on you. Many people buy clothes just to try them on, dislike how they fit, and send them back through the mail. Not only is this process a terrible hassle, but it is also far from eco-friendly.

Get Out Of The House

If you purchase everything online, your only trips out of the house could be your trips to work. Spending too much time isolated at home can lead to anxiety, depression, and poor mental health outcomes. If going out shopping is generally too stressful for you, you can condense all of your trips into one leisurely day out by going to a mall. With restaurants, clothing stores, retail stores, and grocery stores all in one location, you can spend a relaxed day out of the house without stress or hassle.

To learn more about what shopping malls have to offer in 2020, visit a shopping mall in your area.