Planning Your Landscape For The Upcoming Spring? 2 Tips To Get You Started

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Even though it is winter and cold outside now is a great time to start planning your landscape for the upcoming spring. Doing this will allow you to take time to consider what you would like best and to make any needed changes. This can help save you a great deal of money as many landscaping projects are expensive. Below are two tips to help you make the best of planning your landscape.

Install a Standing Water Fountain

A water fountain can make a yard feel tranquil and peaceful. The sound of running water that you hear when sitting close to the fountain can make you feel very relaxed. There are many types of standing water fountains available. First, however, you need to consider how large you want the fountain to be. You can also have water fountains custom designed so you can make it exactly the way you want it to look.

You will find fountains made with different types of material such as bamboo, copper, stone, fiberglass, or acrylic resin. Standing water fountains are outside and directly on the ground. It does depend on what the fountain is made of, but they are often heavy, so they sit very study on the ground.

There are fountains that just have one bowl and one spout and there are also two or three tiered foundations that have water spout out and then go through each tier. Some fountains shoot water straight out. These generally have a figure and the water shoots out of the mouth.

Install a Flower Garden

Along with a water fountain you should consider installing a flower garden also. You can then fill the garden with a variety of flowers to brighten up your yard and increase the aesthetics of your landscaping.

First determine where you would like to have a flower garden and how large you want it to be. Once you decide on the location see how much sun shines on the area per day. This is important because some flowers need full sun while others need only part shade or full shade.  

Go to a garden center to purchase your flowers. You can do some research online to help you make sure you like the flowers you choose. The garden center employee can help you choose the type of flowers for your flower garden. Consider the colors you want also. You could choose a variety of colors or choose colors that go well together.

A landscape contractor can help you with both a water fountain and a flower garden.