Flannel Shirt Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

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If you're looking to give a special man in your life and warm and cozy holiday gift, you can't go wrong with a high-quality flannel shirt. Look for one featuring double pockets for both convenience and a fashionable look.

A double-pocket flannel shirt will make an ideal, thoughtful gift for any of the fall and winter holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and even birthdays. Look for a shirt made of 100-percent cotton for the best fit and the softest fabric. Purchasing a pre-shrunk garment will ensure that shirt fits just as the well the first time as the last. 

Depending on the climate in which the gift recipient lives, you can choose a either a light- or heavyweight flannel fabric to help him weather the elements. Depending on the man's personal style preferences, pick either a thicker flannel fabric, or a thinner one for a more fitted, streamlined shape.

Flannel shirts make versatile gifts in that they come in a wide range of patterns and color combinations,, making them easy to personalize. For instance, you can go with a classic buffalo plaid featuring bold red and black squares, or stick with shirt in a single color, such as navy blue or hunter green. 

Here are some mens double-pocket flannel shirt gift ideas to consider the next holiday season:

1. Shirt-and-Socks Duo

If the man lives in a colder climate, treat him to a matching flannel shirt and sock set to keep him warm throughout the season. Start by choosing the perfect shirt, and then coordinate with a pair of socks in the same color. Pick a pair of socks featuring a durable reinforced toe and a soft, wool blend fabric. 

As another idea, go with a pair of faux-fur lined slippers instead of the socks. While most slippers feature a soft sole, you can also find them with hard soles, making them conveniently wearable outside as well.

2. Flannel Shirt and Hat Set 

 Another way to help the man brave the elements through the cold holiday season with a flannel shirt and warm hat set. Again, you can start by choosing the desired flannel shirt print and color, and then complete the gift with a matching hat.

You'll have many fabrics and styles from which to choose, such as a thermal-lined knit cap, a stylish fedora or newsboy style, or a snap-back baseball cap featuring the recipient's favorite sports team or brand name.