Four Bathtub Styles That Can Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

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Serene ambiance. Calming scents. Soothing melodies. Ultimate relaxation.  

These are a few idioms that attempt to describe our sensations during a spa visit when we can unwind and let someone else pamper us for a while. While many of us love and look forward to sporadic trips to day spas, going as often as our chaotic lives warrant, is expensive and often impractical. But what if you could create your own in-home spa to visit as much as your heart desires? Whether you're building a new home or renovating your existing one, creating a spa-like bathroom is often a desirable way to enhance one's lifestyle.  

For many, the bathtub is often the focal point of a bathroom. It's the place many of us succumb to after a stressful day, so choosing the right bathtub for your spa-like bathroom is essential. There are several options for varying budgets, but all will grant you that tranquil experience you're seeking. Here are four bathtub options to incorporate into your in-home spa.  

Soaker tubs: Offering a deeper soak than a traditional tub, soaker tubs contoured shape allow a more relaxing bubble bath without the cleaning hassle of a jetted bath tub. Soaker tubs can be purchased as a drop-in style where you'd insert them in a framed-out area of the bathroom, or a free-standing style that is just as the name implies. Claw-footed tubs would be an example of a free-standing tub, although there are many modern styles available on the market.  

Jacuzzi tubs: Truly spa-like, Jacuzzi tubs are jetted and give you the relaxing bubbles found in hot tubs and large whirlpool tubs. Jacuzzi tubs cannot be used with any bubble bath products  and can have a more extensive cleaning process than a standard or soaker tub, but those who determine the benefits outweigh the hassle appreciate the leisurely soaks of a jetted tub. Like soaker tubs, Jacuzzi tubs can also be free-standing, but most are drop-in style.  

Alcove tub: If a bathroom is an odd shape or smaller, an alcove tub may be the best option. Settled in the corner of two walls, an alcove tub is a triangular shape that is often large enough to fit two people in. Sizes of alcove tubs can vary and can be made custom sized, but the more irregular the size, typically the higher the cost. 

Shower/tub combos: Perhaps the most convenient, shower/tub combos allow a person to get the best of both worlds. There are many varieties of shower/tub combos on the market to accommodate one's personal depth preference, size, and style.  

This article may focus primarily on selecting the right bathtub for an in-home spa, but lighting, greenery, and decor certainly affect the ambiance of a bathroom as well. The upfront cost of a bathtub may seem high, but when you consider the amount of money spent at day spas, a bathtub seems like a sound investment. To insert a tub into your home, consult a professional like those at Universal Plumbing.