Choosing Your Style: Trucker Hat Or Baseball Cap?

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It used to be that if you wanted to get a baseball-style hat, you got a baseball cap with your favorite team's logo on it, and that was that. Now, you have the option of getting a trucker hat, which is similar but has some key differences that make people prefer one style over the other. When you have a choice between the two, such as when you're buying a style in bulk for a group of workers or friends, take a look at a few feature differences to ensure you're getting the hat style that best fits what people want and need.

Similar Profile, Different Details

Both types of hats have a similar profile with the duck bill-style brim and snap closure in the back. However, trucker hats have a higher profile, meaning they stand taller than baseball caps, mainly due to a difference in materials. Trucker hats also have a solid front and mesh sides and back while baseball caps are pretty much all cotton or a cotton blend, other than the plastic snap closure. Right away, there are major cosmetic differences, but that's not all.

Ventilation vs. Sun Protection

The mesh sides and back of the trucker hat provide ventilation. The foam front does not let a lot of air past it, and the mesh is necessary to prevent your head from becoming too hot when you wear the hat. However, that also means the top and sides of your head won't really be protected from sunlight. In contrast, the cotton baseball cap is rather breathable without mesh, and the fact that the whole cap is cotton and not mesh means you get more sun protection. There are ventilation grommets around the cap, but they are small.

Foam and Cotton

Keep in mind that cotton is a lot more washable than foam although you can certainly handwash or spot clean the foam trucker hat. The cotton baseball cap will get a well-worn look rather quickly, while the trucker hat foam will not (or at least, should not) wear down that easily. It is flexible foam, however, so watch out for creases.

Sun protection, ventilation, height, and material are all considerations. If you are giving the hats to people who need more airflow than coverage, a trucker hat is perfect. They are affordable, and you can print any logo you need on the foam front, which is great if you're getting the hats for a team. For example, if you're getting Tanned and Tipsy women's trucker hats, it's easy to order in bulk and get lower prices per hat.