3 Ways To Quick Cash

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If you have had something come up that leaves you needing money right now, then you may be wondering where you are going to get that money from. If you don't have savings in the bank, you don't have family who you can borrow it from, and you don't have the credit to take out a loan, then you need to be a bit more creative when it comes to getting your hands on the cash you need fast. Here are three ways you can get money right away:

Get a title loan on your car

If you own your car outright and you have the title in only your name, then you may be able to take out a title loan on your car. One thing you want to know about this type of loan that may leave you resting easier about the idea of getting it is that you will be able to keep your car in your possession while you have the loan out. However, you will sign paperwork stating that the car will legally belong to the car loan company should you end up defaulting on the loan, so you want to be extremely careful with regards to taking this type of loan out and be absolutely sure you can meet the payback requirements.

Make an online donation page

If you are in need of money for an emergency and you need to come up with it fast, then you may want to create an online donation page that allows you to ask your friends and family for donations to help you. Some of the more popular social media pages even allow you to create a donation page right on them; then, you can just post it right on your page and ask your friends and family to donate and to share the plea. There are also websites you can go to in order to make the plea; then you can share that link right on your social media pages.

Sell your jewelry or take out a loan on it

You can go to a jewelry store that buys jewelry and that gives loans on it. Take your gold, silver, and other real jewelry in to them and either get a loan on it or sell it to the pieces outright. As long as your jewelry is real and in good condition, you should find it quite easy to get a fair price for it — and this is going to be a very quick and easy way for you to come up with that money you need.