Want A Fireplace? Why You Should Get A Pellet Stove Instead

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A home that has a fireplace in the living room projects an aura of warmth and comfort. Just watching the flames flicker and grow is soothing, providing the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening with someone you care about. However, although a fireplace is the traditional choice, there's an alternative that you may want to consider instead: a pellet stove. Pellet stoves bear a strong resemblance to the old-fashioned pot-bellied stoves that used to be a staple in houses across the country. Find out why you should skip over the fireplace and opt for a pellet stove instead.

Automatic Ignition Makes The Pellet Stove User-Friendly

Unless you like the idea of buying firewood, finding someplace to store it, and struggling to light it up in your fireplace, a pellet stove is definitely the route you should take. Pellet stoves utilize an automatic ignition feature which is incredibly easy to operate. You can have a wonderful blaze going with just the push of a button.

Although there are some gas fireplaces out there which also feature automatic ignition, purchasing one of them means that you will need a flow of gas in order to get them going. This entails another bill that can make your budget go through the roof. Pellets are very inexpensive and can be purchased in either light or heavy loads. You won't have to take up space in your home or yard trying to store logs that can be used to start a fire because the pellets are normally sold in convenient carrying bags.

Pellet Stoves Are The Environmentally-Conscious Choice

Another good thing about pellet stoves is that the pellets are good for the environment. You won't have that thick, dark smoke pumping into your home that can affect the quality of your indoor air. You'll notice that when you create a fire with the pellets, there is much less of that annoying ash that is all too common when you use fire logs. You want to keep your family from having to breathe in air that is lower quality than it should be. Buying a pellet stove is a great place to start.

Pellet stoves have the kind of rustic charm that you just can't find with other options. You might want to spend some time comparing and contrasting the different styles and brands so you can get a better idea of which one is going to work for your household.