3 Simple And Safe Storage Solutions For Your New Coin Collection

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From woodworking and gardening to collecting stamps or baseball cards, people are passionate about many different hobbies. While surprising to hear, coin collecting has also become a favorite pastime for many. Considering a 1794 silver dollar sold for $10 million at a recent auction, you may want to join this coin-collecting hobby. Of course, becoming a beginner numismatist, or coin collector, can be difficult due to the different things to learn. One key aspect to educate yourself on is the best options for storing rare, valuable coins. Using this guide, you will understand the best solutions for storing your coins in a safe and simple manner.

Individual Cards

If you want an inexpensive solution to store individual coins, consider smaller cardboard cards for each coin. These cards are small, allowing for the storage of only one coin, but they are easy to use.

Place the coin directly into the rounded slot, but make sure the coin is straight and centered with the circle. Then, fold the cardboard over top to turn the rectangle-shaped card into a square. Once folded, check to make sure the coin is facing front and center before stapling each side of the cardboard.

Use a permanent marker to write the coin information on the front of the cardboard. Include the coin type, date, and any other interesting information that you want to document. Once your coins are all stored in their individual cards, place them into your safe or a shoe or photo box for a neat, organized storage option.

Using these individual storage cards is a simple and smart option due to the inexpensive cost. If you plan to collect many coins, purchase a large lot of the cards for a truly affordable storage solution.

 Coin Albums

If you prefer to have all your coins in one location that allows you to easily view your collection, consider a coil album. While the album will only allow you to view one side of the coins, it is still a great option for easy organization and storage.  Albums are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so finding one suited to your collecting needs and personality is simple.

Album pages offer space for each year of your collection or you can choose albums that allow you to store by the coin type. No matter which option you choose, make sure to choose a good quality album.

Covers should be constructed out of a thick, durable cardboard to ensure the most protection. Many albums are covered in a fabric or leather for added protection and appeal. Also, the coin slots should offer a durable division and backing. This will prevent coins from sliding out of the album.

Coin Tubes

Constructed out of a hard plastic material, coin tubes are also simple solutions to store your collectible coins in a safe manner. Tubes allow you to store the same type of coins in one designated container, but they will not allow you to view your collection. However, they are an inexpensive option that works well.

Tubes will contain a large quantity of the same type of coins, as well, reducing the amount of tubes you need to purchase. Purchase one or more tubes to hold each type of collectible coin. Here are the amounts of coins each specialized tube will store:

  • Pennies – 50
  • Nickels – 40
  • Dimes – 50
  • Quarters – 40
  • Half Dollars – 20
  • Large Dollar Coins – 20
  • Small Dollar Coins – 20

After placing the coins in their designated tubes, store the tubes in your safe or a shoe or photo box. Coin collecting is not only fun, but also a valuable hobby to begin. Using this guide on simple storage solutions, you can keep your valuable coin collection safe and organized. For more information, contact a company like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry